Premium Quality Citrus
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Welcome to Ingys Citrus
Ingerson Citrus is a South Australian, family-owned company specialising in horticultural production and packing for national and international markets.

The current management team comprises David and Judy Ingerson, and their son Michael. The family has been involved in horticulture for more than 75 years and through four generations, earning them a reputation as quality specialist citrus producers and a leader in the industry.

Ingerson Citrus provides its consumers with fresh fruits and juices of premium quality, freshness and flavour, produced with sustainable practices using innovative technology in growing and packaging.

The Company’s products are marketed within Australia under the Ingy’s brand.

Ingerson Citrus is very proud to be supplying premium quality fruit in 2008 to the Adelaide Hilton, Maggie Beer Products, and Limoncello Australia, and has been featured recently on the ABC TV program The Cook and The Chef.